Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Raptures of Time by David Holly 

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Story rating – 1 out of 5 


After passing through a portal in time and space into the otherworldly Qysteria, Mack Frost and his friends Dean Patel and Sam Ford embark on an odyssey into mortal peril and homoerotic rapture while Mack searches for a way home to Oregon for himself and his friends. Along the way, exotic villagers demand that Mack, Dean, and Sam submit to peculiar sexual customs with addictive pleasures and rapturous consequences. Their encounters range from the hunks of Tungon, to the passive males of Jekor, to the gigantic emasculating dominatrices of Absonia, to the gullible inhabitants of frozen Irkelar. Mack Frost’s adventures include time travelling from Qysteria to totalitarian Westlund (formerly North America) to arriving in wild west Portland, Oregon. As he moves through time and space, Mack grows in paranormal power and immortality. Still, when he does arrive home in Burns, Oregon, alone, naked, and ill, he learns that his life has evolved so that reclaiming his former existence comes at a dreadful cost.


This book is written as Mack’s journal and can be very difficult to follow. And this is not something you typically see in a review, but it would have been more interesting without all of the constant sex between Mack, his friends, and the natives of Qysteria. This book has a lot of sex and sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, even sex scenes. The story itself is very slow moving and sometimes I found myself having  adifficult time staying focused on the story. 

Review by Cat

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