Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: Night Creatures by Jeremy Jordan King

Night Creatures by Jeremy Jordan King

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Story Rating 1 out of 5


It’s 1981, and Bryant thinks his move to New York will be the beginning of a new life. But the men he meets are being threatened by a mysterious illness. Could transforming into a Night Creature save him and his loved ones from certain death? Book Two of The Immortal Testimonies travels back in time to the gay community’s darkest days.


I did not read the first book of this series, so I started with book two. However, this book focused so much on the AIDS crisis, which is understandable, but not really what I as a reader of M/M was expecting to read. I was looking for romance, connection, love – those types of things. I found it difficult even staying interested in the book to keep reading it. In the end this just was not my cup of tea.

Review by Cat

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