Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: The Collective Protocol by Brian Parker

The Collective Protocol by Brian Parker

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5


The Collective Protocol was a very good read, with a unique and creative concept that keeps you engaged. Brian Parker does not hesitate to jump into the action and really knows how to keep you in suspense. He has a real eye for writing action sequences and making your fear for the characters as they face trials and danger.

The only weakness in the book is character development. Multiple POV's can help a reader dive deeper into the events of the story but it hindered in the Collective Protocol. It really helped to build the suspense of the book by showing first hand what was happening, but it left little development of the main character until almost half way into the book. The story starts off very strong. It introduced Reagan and conflict early on, creating a fantastic hook, but after half a book of constant POV jumping and little focus on Reagan, it became hard to keep characters straight. The first third of the book really felt more like back story, while the true meat kicked in when Reagan's story started to develop. Despite this though, it was enjoyable to see all the different characters converge at one point of action in the book's climax.

In the end, the Collective Protocol is made up of a series of engaging events with one heck of a climax. The author doesn't balk to make the tough calls and sacrifice for suspense and storyline. I enjoyed his writing style and would recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy, enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Terri 

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