Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Out of This World by Maggie Morton

Out of This World by Maggie Morton

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5


Looking for F/f kinky sex with a smoky hot rating? Out of this world measures up when it comes to great sex. Iris is a character in a bad country song. Her girlfriend left her for another man. She's lost her luggage. She has no wallet. She can't find her hotel for her "finding me" vacation. When she is lost in the middle of nowhere, she finally cries, gives up and meditates. Yes, mediates - breathe in, breathe out, breathe in … This is where the story turns weird.

Iris falls through some rabbit hole and ends up in another world with a superhot woman. This woman is a lesbian who can lick Iris's pussy so well that Iris has out of body experiences. Not sure what is going on, Iris and this sex on the stick, Anandra, decide to go on a quest. This quest is to find a way to send Iris home while delivering a message to the Queen.

Let's cover the good stuff first. The sex is amazing. These two go at it like bunnies. With a little help of magic, sex toys appear out of the sky and land next to the two nymphos. Every hole is probed, licked, stroked and sucked. There isn't a part of Iris's body left unexplored by the insatiable Anandra.  The sex scenes are erotic and well written. For those who want hawt lesbian sex, this is the book for you. 

The characters in this book are also mediocre. Iris is annoying from the start. She's a whiny little thing who can't do anything right. She's the type of person people avoid because she can't plan and anything that can go wrong, she causes it. Her thinking ability seems to be klutzy. Unfortunately even at the end, Iris is kind of a dud. Anandra on the other hand is sexy, independent, brave and self-sufficient. Too bad her role is more of sidekick sex-toy than heroine. 

From a world building and plot perspective, this book needs work. There are threads which are left hanging as well as an over abuse of ex deus machina. Anandra's parents were killed or missing from a war which is mentioned several time yet goes nowhere. Characters come out of nowhere to fix the latest problems. The setup to introduce these characters are a bit sketchy. For example, Iris's grandfather just happens to be the innkeeper in an inn they patron is a bit too pat. The way magic Iris can suddenly use her magic based on some flowers and a song is a bit of a stretch too. After a while, a reader just expects rabbits to be pulled out of Iris's ass to save the day. There is little rhyme or reason how these conflicts are so easily resolved. The ending is anticlimactic. This book is recommended for the flaming hot lesbian sex scenes.

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