Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Book of the Month! Christmas With the Billionaire by Amy Lamont

Christmas With the Billionaire by Amy Lamont

Link to buy Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1)

Story Rating: 5 out of 5


Emma and her three friends have made a bet for the holidays that they’ll have a wild adventure and the one voted by the four of them to be the most wild will win.  Of course, Emma thinks she’ll never win.  She stays in on Friday in flannel PJs and oversized sweatshirts.  But her friends aren’t letting her off the hook.  Her best friend convinces her to take an adventure based on some of the fictional articles that Emma writes. When Emma draws “Sex with a Stranger”, she knows she’s screwed....and not the way she hopes.  

When I say that I love Christmas romances, THIS is the kind of romance I mean.  There is a magical innocence mixed with hot sex in this story that put me perfectly into the holiday mood.  Emma is sassy and sweet.  Nate is suitable smoldering and forceful.  I adored this from the moment Emma entered Hotel Wynter and the holiday magic was sprinkled all over me.  Most of all, I liked Emma.  A lot.  She was a good person with believable angst and great character growth.  Nate was understandably out the door when he ran from Emma and right back in when the moment called for it.  This isn’t a story if you’re looking for the more cynical view of love and sex.  This is for those of us who still love to root for Elizabeth Lane in “Christmas In Connecticut”.  This is for those of us who want Doris Walker in “A Miracle On 34th St.” to not only believe in Santa, but to believe in Fred too so that little Susan can have her house.  This for those of us who want Ralphie to get his Red Ryder BB gun.  

The thing about a great book like this is that if there’s things wrong with it, I don’t see it.  I was lost in the story, living vicariously through Emma and feeling her pain as her disastrous one night stand broke her heart.  I was hoping for her to get back up and kick some ass...which she did.  I cheered for her as she dragged Nate off to the pantry to give him a piece of her mind...and ended up with less clothing to wear when she left.

In short, if you’re looking for a holiday romance with a little spice, this is it.  The story manages to be sweet without being too sappy and sexy without being trashy.  It’s a fine balance and one the author has nailed.  

I very rarely say this, but go buy it. I think it’s worth it.  

Rating?  5 Reindeer....um snowglobes?......How about 5 Gold rings?

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

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