Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Electrify Me by Bibi Rizer

Electrify Me by Bibi Rizer
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Story Rating: 5 out of 5  
Gloria is cursed. Her birthday is New Year’s Day and every New Year’s Eve has been a disaster.  She’s covered her bases this year, though. She’s volunteering at a suicide hotline and hoping that helping out someone else will make her night a little better. (And yes, that makes sense when you meet Gloria.)
Of course, the power goes out and who comes to the rescue? Good looking Power Company guy, Charlie. Sparks fly and Gloria thinks maybe this time, she’ll have a New Year’s Eve hook up that will make her birthday finally fall into the “no suck” zone. 

But the evening doesn’t go as planned and Gloria and Charlie have to decide if the night’s events mean they should hang onto each other or run like hell.
This book made me laugh out loud, so I recommend not drinking while you enjoy this short, sweet story. Gloria is pretty well adjusted considering her experiences in life and Charlie is a nice guy with definitely sexy fetishes. I enjoyed the subtle kink in this book and I liked that the author didn’t belabor that part of it. It all fit with the characters who were a lot of fun to read.

New Year’s never seemed like a holiday with its own flavor to me. It was always an add-on to Christmas. But this story captures the whole “new beginnings” idea and runs with it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, cheering for the way these two people persevered and grabbed their happy ending. This is only the second New Adult book I’ve read and if this is typical, then I’m sold!  It’s worth buying.
Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

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