Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: Coming Soon by Christy Gissendaner

Coming Soon by Christy Gissendaner 

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 
Cara Daniels lost almost everything.  Her Parents. Her home. Most of her innocence. Her close friendship with Jase Whitmore is the only thing keeping her sane, but hidden secrets threaten their relationship. To escape an abusive uncle, Cara embarks on a journey to save herself. Desperate for money, she auditions for a role in an adult film and soon discovers Jase is a leading porn producer...and her new employer. How can she pretend to be a sexy vixen when all she wants is the best friend who doesn’t realize his new star is a virgin?

This is a Young Adult novel, and you can see from the above description that the premise is creative and potentially quite interesting. Because of the characters’ youth, it makes sense that their heads are full of self-conscious, conflicted angst. Cara wants Jase, Jase is protective of her and doesn’t want to hurt her, so Cara gets miffed and wants to make him jealous. He doesn’t want her in his porn film, but does want her in his bed.  No, wait, now he doesn’t; he’s still afraid the “dark obsessions” within him might bring her harm. Wait, there’s more! She wants him to take her virginity, but then gets mad at him when he won’t; they almost do it, but...
Takes you right back to high school, doesn’t it? Well, all except for the porn-film part.
Such emotional immaturity is to be expected from two characters who are barely out of adolescence. But their ages are entirely at odds with Jase being the owner of an award-winning porn-production company, and somehow already fully in touch with his inner sadist. (Relax, Jase. You’re no sadist.) He sees his need to sexually dominate females as some sort of demon within him, one that threatens to destroy not only him but his friendship with Cara. Cara somehow plans to fake her way through a porn movie, even though she has no sexual experience whatsoever. Go figure.
IF YA is your thing, you might enjoy this. Just be prepared to suspend a lot of disbelief.  

 Reviewed by Summer Sterling

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