Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: Lion by B.B. Sorores

Lion by B.B. Sorores

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5


This book starts slow, a story about a poor boy from the country getting a full scholarship to a prestigious university in the City and his attempts to fit in. From there, things get a little bit more complicated. Hints are dropped about something bad in his past, about his anger. At times, I found myself drawn into the story and read quickly, but for the most part I found the pace to be much slower than I'd like.

It was a confusing read. It was one of those stories that dangles the smallest hint in front of you but doesn't give you any answers until the last quarter, and even then it doesn't REALLY answer them. Finishing the book, I felt like only one or two of my questions were answered but not in a way that made me want to grab the next book when it's released.

The characters relied heavily on stereotypes – the charming and strange Texan; the meek, pretty, and naive girl; the powerful, captivating older professor; the 'crazy' conspiracy theorists; the lead being strong, smart, perfect if not for his anger and lack of money. Character development throughout the book was rather lacking; most of the characters remained quite static in the aforementioned traits.
As for the sex (when it eventually happens), it's fraught with odd descriptions such as "drinking" from the character's clit, "searching out each breast" and clich├ęd accounts of the two cumming together the first time they have sex – which is actually very unlikely to happen the first time, despite what erotica may have you believe.

Overall, I was disappointed by this book. The writing itself was well-done but the pace and the character development left a lot to be desired and there were a lot of significant events that the characters were confused about yet no one seemed to question anything – even when the reader was questioning it and not getting any answers during the entire book.

Reviewed by Taylor

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