Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: Breakaway by Vera Roberts

Breakaway by Vera Roberts

Link to buy Breakaway: New Adult Romance (Breakaway Series Book 1)

Story Rating: 3 out of 5


Dean Winchester is at the place he really doesn’t want to be – stuck at the airport.

Coming back from a family emergency, he would rather be relaxed at his home in Manhattan Beach, California, and getting his head back into the hockey game. Instead, he’s stuck at the worst airport in all of America – Chicago’s infamous O’Hare. At least the company he’s keeping isn’t too bad to look at. He only needs to convince her there can be something more if she wants it – and if she doesn’t kill him first.

Sydney Walker hates weddings. And she really hates weddings that she’s the bridesmaid in.

Returning from her third wedding in a year where she has perfected the role of bridesmaid, Sydney only wants to get back home in San Francisco. A snowed-in flight and every hotel room booked to capacity, Sydney is forced to share a room with a gorgeous man from Southern California. She’s not necessarily worried about him making a move on her but rather, if she could keep her hands to herself.

Breakaway is a sensual New Adult romance series that deals with trust, long-distance relationships, and finding yourself again.


This is a cute short story that can be read in one sitting. As a resident of Chicago, the whole being snowed in scenario is definitely believable. Now the whole staying in a hotel room with someone you never knew before and just met.... well, that's a stretch for me. The chemistry between he characters is perfect and Dean seems like almost too good to be true.

The main issue with this is the length. This is a short story that ends abruptly. It says this is book one of a series on amazon so I expect there will be more to this story. I'd personally prefer to have a full sized novel all at once versus getting chunks of a story at 50 pages (or so) a pop.

Reviewed by Catherine

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