Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: My Hot Teacher by Isabella Johns

My Hot Teacher by Isabella Johns

Link to buy My Hot Teacher: (A New Adult erotic romance/coming of age novel)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5


What happens when a college senior finally meets the man of her dreams and he happens to be her new, young, totally hot English professor?

Celine vows that senior year will be different... when she finally reinvents herself as someone secure, sophisticated, and sexy! After encountering the exquisite fineness of Professor Beard, she's sure that this will be her time.

With an unusual boldness, Celine sets in motion a journey of erotic self-discovery with her new teacher, who is not only handsome and kind, but masterful and seductive, a man, not a college boy, someone capable of releasing the smoldering passion that has been buried within her for so long.

But Celine also needs a man who can love her back with the same intensity she feels for him.  Is the Professor the one? Their burning connection gifts her with the confidence to go for it in a way she never thought possible.

An epic, romantic journey of lust, love, and bliss... MY HOT TEACHER!


Teachers and students shouldn't mix. It's a well-known rule--and nothing gives our libidos a greater kick than breaking the rules. Stroll through any department store at Halloween time and you're sure to find at least one Sexy Schoolgirl costume. Peek into any J.K. Rowling fanfiction archive and you'll find Snape bending Hermione over a desk in fairly short order... or Harry Potter, for that matter. It seems quite a few of us fantasize about teachers taking advantage of their power. More often than not, it is the teacher that makes the first move in these stories, suggesting just what his failing student could do to earn the A they so desperately need.

In MY HOT TEACHER, Isabella Johns plays with this trope deftly. Although Celine aggressively pursues her teacher, she remains the submissive ingénue in her sexual relationship with Professor Beard. Because of this, the plot never slows, and yet the reader still gets to be dominated--and educated!--by a strict and demanding teacher. It keeps the sex hot without the relationship becoming clichéd.

The sex itself is all about power. In reality, the positions and toys used are all fairly vanilla, but how they are employed is not. Dominance and submission plays a part of almost every sex scene in the book, to the point where Celine wonders if a relationship without that dynamic is even possible. Can the man she loves only be with her as the Professor? MY HOT TEACHER keeps readers turning pages, eager for the sex scenes and eager to find out whether this couple will end up together.   

Reviewed by Ethan X. Thomas

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