Saturday, April 19, 2014


Welcome to New Adult Book Reviews. We are so glad you found us! Here at New Adult Book Reviews, our motto is On the Edge. That's because the whole New Adult genre is on the edge. In fact, it's a genre that a lot of people are just hearing about for the first time. But for those of us who have heard of it and who have dived into it, New Adult is a thrilling addition to the literary landscape. 
So what exactly is New Adult, you ask? It's an exciting new fiction category about main characters who are generally 18-25 years old (give or take) and are experiencing relationships and problems that readers in that age group (and beyond) can identify with. All fiction genres can have New Adult subcategories, just like all fiction genres can have young adult books. Popular genres among New Adult readers include (but aren't limited to) fantasy, steampunk, and paranormal romance. It's the next step up from young adult books, but New Adult often contains "adult themes" and can have graphic scenes since the main characters are at least 18.
If you want more, here's what Wikipedia says:
Welcome to the wonderful world of New Adult fiction and happy reading!

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