Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Book of the Month is Deep Enough To Bleed by Margie Church!

Deep Enough To Bleed by Margie Church 

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 


Deep Enough To Bleed by Margie Church is the emotional journey of Jolene Parks as she learns to find her way in life after the physical abuse her father puts her and her brother Adam through. Not only does she have to suffer through the abuse but she has to deal with the fact that her loving grandmother sacrifices her freedom when she kills her son for the abuse he has put his children through. And so begins Jolene’s journey into adulthood and not on a very good note. Eighteen months after or so after she graduates high school enters the man who will help to change her life. But will Brendan help her overcome all of her fears and help her to love unconditionally? Will he be able to help her see that she will not repeat her father’s sins?

Margie Church takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster that has the reader smiling, laughing, and crying. This story will bring tears to the eyes in many different sections as she tells the story of one very emotionally scarred person’s story. Not only does the story have a great deal of back story to it so that the characters seem to come to life but Margie Church touches on a rather taboo topic that needs to be talked about more often and that is the life of a cutter and why the person cuts. Margie Church sheds light on this topic in an eloquent way without making the topic scarier than it already is. Kudos to you Margie this is a topic near and dear to this reviewer’s heart.

All in all the story is very well written and keeps the reader’s attention with a couple of different storylines going on that tie back into Jolene’s story. Though the story does not end with a totally happy ending the ending does the story well but if you want to know how it ends you will have to read it to find out. So once again kudos to Margie Church for a very well written story and thank you for sharing your talents with us. This story receives an astounding five out of five! And a special note for the content on the cutting thank you Margie for sharing this very important story with us.

Reviewed by Unrequited Spirit

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