Thursday, August 20, 2015

Author interview with Maggie Carpenter!

Please start by telling us a little about yourself (education, jobs, significant other, children, pets, etc.) 

I have two precious loves in my life. A gorgeous mare that I ride every day, and the cutest terrier mutt you’ve ever seen.

Tell us about your latest New Adult book and what inspired you to write it.

Being a horse person, I have found a wonderful niche with cowboy books. While I ride show-jumpers (or rather used to, now I just putz around and have fun) horse’s and horsemanship is dear to my heart, and there are some amazingly talented (and super sexy )cowboys in this world. The first cowboy book I wrote, The Cowboy’s Rules, was an instant smash success, and I never looked back. I started a series called, Cowboy’s After Dark, and the latest, When A Cowboy Loves A Woman, is book nine. They are all complete books with very different stories. The Cowboy’s Rules is the only trilogy.

The New Adult genre is fairly new. What's your definition of it? How does it differ from Young Adult or just regular Adult books?

That’s a great question, and while the category may be defined differently by different people, I see it as one that is unique to young women and men who are at an age when they are free to explore all the world has to offer, most especially their sexuality.
I write about Dominance and submission, (I am a submissive) and I remember how I was filled with fantasies and cravings I didn’t quite understand. I like to think my stories are not just about tumbling between the sheets, but offer some insight.

Do you belong to any critique groups and/or do you have other people read your work as you're writing it? Who's brutally honest and who's a cheerleader? Which do you prefer?

I’m a lone ranger! I have just started working with a publisher, Stormy Night Publications, and when I turned in my first book, Her Officer In Charge, happily they didn’t ask for, or offer, any significant changes.

What are your all-time favorite authors/books?

My goodness. So many. Jane Austen and Emily Bronte of course. Such heartfelt romance, and when I write my period pieces (just about to release, His Willful Bride) I feel as though I’m back Merry Old England. When I discovered Sydney Sheldon, Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins, I devoured their books, even though they were a bit dated. I don’t read now, no time. I’m too busy writing.

Do you outline before you write or just dive head-first into a manuscript? Do you maintain a schedule for writing, or is it more haphazard?

As mentioned earlier, I never outline. An idea will come to me, or even just a title, and I start.
For example, one day I was at my barn and someone said something about a new farrier, a girl who wore hot pink chaps. I immediately pinged on that phrase, and started The Cowboy and the Girl in The Hot Pink Chaps a week later. I had no idea what the story would be until I started. It was the phrase, hot pink chaps, that stirred something in my imagination.

Where do you do your best writing? (Ex: desk in your office, public library, under a tree in the park, in front of a Real Housewives TV marathon, etc.) Do you like music or some other background noise, or do you need quiet?

Hush. Quiet please. I write late at night in bed, when I first wake up in bed, sitting on the couch in the living with my mutt next to me, or in my ‘writing chair’ - a recliner I bought just for the purpose.

What are the best and worst parts of writing a book?

That’s easy. Proofreading... just kill me now. Happily, with a publisher, they do the proof-reading for me, but if you read one of my books and find a typo, please forgive me. They hide!

When you're driving and you have a sudden, brilliant idea for the new manuscript you're working on, what do you do? (Ex: pull over and fire up the laptop, keep driving while scribbling on a McDonald's bag, tell Siri, etc.)

Speak it out loud. If I do that, it stays in my head, and it happens all the time!

Imagine you have a whole day free for shopping. Where do you go? (Mall, unique boutiques, flea market, antique shops, bookstore, home improvement store, etc.)

I’m sorry, what’s a whole free day?
Where is your favorite place in the world?
Impossible to answer, because I know once this is out there I’ll think of somewhere else, but I suspect it would be somewhere in the English countryside, perhaps in Dorset.

Do you have any advice for people who want to write a book?

Just start!
A word becomes a sentence, a sentence becomes a paragraph, a paragraph becomes a chapter, and the chapters grow into a book. Don’t worry about it being perfect. When it’s done pat yourself on the back, walk away for a day or two, then come back with fresh eyes and read what you’ve written.

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