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Review: Buzz Bets Badly But Begets Bliss by Etienne

Buzz Bets Badly But Begets Bliss by Etienne

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5


Adam Yancey is about to graduate from college, with a degree in music at the age of eighteen. He’s highly intelligent, totally goal-oriented, and anxious to begin working on a Master’s and then a Doctoral degree, so he can pursue a career as a concert organist.

But what he really dreams of is having a loving relationship with another man—a relationship like his father and his father’s partner have. Unfortunately, Adam has a secret. One he feels certain will prevent him from ever having such a relationship.

Buzz Patterson is a jock and a track star, and all he wants out of life is to get laid—as often as possible. Then one day, his buddies goad him into betting that he can find out if Adam’s long fingers fulfill the old saying about long fingers being an indication of length elsewhere.

Buzz has all summer to win the bet, and he begins to actively pursue Adam. Will he win the bet? Or will he wind up getting more than he bargained for?

Review: Please note: spoilers included.

This is a most unusual book where the main character Adam has a very unusual deformity that I've never encountered while reading a m/m romance. There were hints that something was amiss, and boy, was it. The relationship between the two college students seemed very forced at times and Buzz had a catch phrase he used quite often that turned annoying after the first few times.

It seemed a bit unusual that many of the characters walked around the pool area stark ass naked even when the college students were there with other adult males. Maybe this is a common occurrence in California but nothing I've ever seen or heard about in the Midwest,

Adam is a church organist and there were times that the writing explaining the different types of organs was dry and uninteresting. I get that it was to get in depth and show his knowledge but it was way too much and dull to someone who has absolutely no interest in the history or workings of church organs.

The sex scenes were incredibly tame and bordered on disappointing. Even though Adam wasn't able to fuck it would have been fun to see some strap on play with some explicit scenes. The vague sex scenes were unsatisfying and a bit too repetitive.

This is certainly an unusual read but not what to go for if you are looking for some sizzling m/m action.

Reviewed by Grace

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