Friday, May 16, 2014

Book promo! Deep Enough to Bleed by Margie Church

Deep Enough to Bleed by Margie Church

Jolene has a lot of secrets. Her past is ugly and she wants to keep it hidden, not because she's psycho but because dwelling on things she can't change isn’t helpful. 

She's become adept at skirting the issue and providing half-answers. Everyone but her brother is on a need-to-know basis. Then she meets Brendan.

For the first time in her life, a nice guy has taken a real interest in her as a person, as a woman. She's clumsy in the dating game and pretty clueless when it comes to sex. Brendan finds this a refreshing change from the women he's been seeing.

As they grow closer, Jolene knows she can't keep her past a complete secret from him. Little by little she reveals details until the moment of truth is staring her in the face. She has to choose between taking a chance that could propel her emotionally further and deepen their relationship or ruin everything, including her newfound self-esteem. She's scared to death. Will Brendan think she's a freak if he learns she's a cutter?

Find out.

Deep Enough to Bleed has been characterized as bold and amazing. "The author has an elegant, yet vivid style. A must read." If you enjoy characters and stories that seem to leap from the pages of real life, read Deep Enough to Bleed.

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