Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review: Too Many Reasons by Kristen Strassel

Too Many Reasons by Kristen Strassel

Link to buy Too Many Reasons: New Adult Rock Star Romance (The Spotlight Series Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Abby Gauthier is close to getting everything she's worked so hard for. The band she manages, Sinister Riot, has been offered a major record contract. But it comes with a catch: the band must add Eli Jamison, winner of the talent show The Spotlight, to the lineup.

Devon Sinclair is the singer of Sinister Riot, and he's Abby's best friend. She's in love with him, but fears she'll lose him if she makes the first move. Devon thinks adding Eli to the band is dangerous, and he's right. Eli's interested in more than just making an album. He wants to take control of the band, and he wants to get to know Abby better. A lot better.

When tensions between Devon and Eli threaten to destroy Sinister Riot, Abby must act on her true feelings or lose everything she's ever wanted.


Our couple is Devon Sinclair, rocker singer/song writer and Abby Gauthier band cheerleader and manager.

Devon and Abby have been best of friends since middle school. She’s loved him forever and he treats her as only a friend. After the band gets a record deal things change when a new guitarist joins the band and it shakes Devon into action.

Abby thinks she might be able to have something with Eli but in the end she knows she still loves Devon. There’s band, relationship and label drama enough to keep the story interesting the whole way through.

Reviewed by: wyldheart 

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