Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Kojiki by Keith Yatsuhashi

Kojiki by Keith Yatsuhashi

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 


When eighteen-year-old Keiko Yamada’s father dies unexpectedly, he leaves behind a one way ticket to Japan, an unintelligible death poem about powerful Japanese spirits and their gigantic, beast-like Guardians, and the cryptic words: “Go to Japan in my place. Find the Gate. My camera will show you the way.”

Alone and afraid, Keiko travels to Tokyo, determined to fulfill her father’s dying wish. There, beneath glittering neon signs, her father’s death poem comes to life. Ancient spirits spring from the shadows. Chaos envelops the city, and as Keiko flees its burning streets, her guide, the beautiful Yui Akiko, makes a stunning confession--that she, Yui, is one of a handful of spirits left behind to defend the world against the most powerful among them: a once noble spirit now insane. Keiko must decide if she will honor her father’s heritage and take her rightful place among the gods.


The action in this story starts from the beginning, pulling the reader into the story. Keiko finds a hidden world behind a set of Tori Gates in Tokyo. The characters are incredibly well detailed, readers will feel drawn to them. As a fan of Japanese mythology I was very excited to read this and glad I did. The details were vivid making it extremely easy to visualize most of the scenes described. There were only a few areas where the details got a bit muddled making the scenes a bit harder to see. Overall this book was an incredible read.

Reviewed by Vicki 

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  1. Hi Vicki. I'm thrilled you liked Kojiki. FYI, I'm finishing up a short story prequel that will be available as a free download from Amazon, B&N et al. It will detail the great battle the Spirits had back in the distant past.

    Also, for your readers who prefer hard copies, Musa Publishing is releasing Kojiki in paperback for the first time this October.