Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Detours by Emma Gates

Detours by Emma Gates
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Story Rating: 4 out of 5


In 1972, a time of tumultuous political and social change, Clare and Lowell are idealists on opposite ends of the spectrum. Lowell is an ambitious grad student expecting an elite career in the Foreign Service and Clare is an earnest freshman antiwar activist. When they meet at Indiana University, an unlikely passion begins. Detours is a sensual and intelligent romance exploring politics, culture, and self-discovery in a story that spans more than a decade and travels from the States to Beirut, Mexico City, and Kuwait. The journey is spellbinding and unforgettable.


The book started out slow for me, and it took a little reading before I got "into" this book. The story starts with Lowell and Clare in college together.They don't see eye to eye but the passion they discover will last a life time. I love that they have different outlooks on life and still are able to love each other. Opposing political views can cause huge problems for two people romantically involved and it was interesting to see this dealt with in this book. In fact, the politics in this book make it stand out as a romance with substance in the story line. Clare and Lowell's love story is full of  sweet love and aching heartbreak while the reader follows them all over the world.

I would recommend this book for someone looking for something different than the stereotypical romances that are published by the truckload.  

Reviewed by Mandy

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