Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: Dead Meat by Chris Williams and Patrick Williams

Dead Meat by Chris Williams and Patrick Williams

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Rating: 2 out of 5


The author’s attempt at the macabre is a bit amateur; the book reads more like a rehashed zombie apocalypse movie. The description of the undead was detailed in the beginning which was explicit and thought provoking but giving a description on every second page came across as repetitive and overdone. The in-depth analysis of human response to the unknown was well researched and draws the reader in and forces self reflection which is hard to do for an author but in this case, well executed.

The author’s use of humour to further highlight the conflicting issues of survival versus morality is clearly reflected and adds further to the self reflection. The colourful descriptive language packs a punch and brings the point home.

The introduction of more characters into the storyline was a bit abrupt, with no set up and was somewhat predictable. It felt forced and not in line with the entire story. The middle of the story was not properly structured, it seemed as though the author felt the need to add an old man and a female into the story not because it was necessary but because they had to diversify.

The ending? The ending is not moving. It lacks rhythm and content. The author wanted the reader to figure out the motive and feeling behind it but after such a descriptive book one expects a more descriptive ending. It leaves you with the feeling of reading an entire book only to realise that the last page has been torn out.

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