Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: A Week in Savannah by S.J. Knight

A Week in Savannah by S. J. Knight 

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 

I'm not quite sure why the title says “A Week” since the reference really wasn’t there for me but none the less I did enjoy this story. Savannah had a troubled past and her emotional turmoil seemed to too light sided at first. As the story progressed her dysfunction became more apparent. With more than one dominant male character in her life, this aspect was under played. 
Over all I felt like this was a very young and inexperienced depiction of events, even younger than a New Adult book. The characters and story line had a lot more potential than what was there. In spite of that I still want to read the next book, because this is a cliff hanger. Typically I hate cliff hangers and when I see an author is writing a series I usually wait until I see all the books are available so I can continue reading them one after another. Please S.J. (also a character in the book, any  connection?) don’t leaving me hanging. I expect that your writing is just going to get better and better as you continue to grow as an author. 

Reviewed by Foxy

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